How Messaging Apps Are Outperforming Social Media Apps

With the advent of messaging apps, the way people use social media has undergone a drastic shift. These days, users all across the world log onto messaging apps not only for chatting with friends but, also for searching products, connecting with brands and watching content. Gone are the days, when they were just simple add-ons to your smart device used for exchanging pictures, messages, GIFs and videos.

Scope of Messaging Apps
Though, their invention occurred because of some different intended purpose, however, instant messaging applications serve a range of purposes these days. Being a basic element of almost every smartphone, they are transforming the way of digital communication between brands and consumers. Following here are some of the potential aspects that shows how they are overtaking social media apps in terms of utility.

A Dynamic Marketing tool
The shift from social media networking to messaging is one of the biggest changes in the world of Internet culture. Consumers consider these as more enclosed compared to social media. Thus, with the help of instant messaging apps, marketers can directly reach into the chat boxes of customers. A number of global brands are focussing on experimenting with these opportunities to boost the level of Individual Conversions.

A Virtual Space for Video Calling
Enterprises are using messaging apps as an integrated collaboration tool. They offer a range of functionalities including ease in setting up, audit trail, security level which, surely overtake the potential of social media apps. Online video communication backed up by HD audio, screen sharing or video clarity are very helpful for enterprises. They help enterprises to gather a number of people in a single video call. While having access via mobile, they can connect from anywhere and work as a team, thereby preventing physical presence to act as an obstacle.

A Customer Service Portal
Customer service is getting more personalised with these apps. Many businesses are building AI based chatbots to respond customer queries easily. Furthermore, many customer service providers can use them for upselling, arranging meetings and even attending to customer queries via IM chat.

A Global Learning Centre
The route to higher learning for students has become easier with instant messaging apps. Many universities are using them for helping students to prepare assignments and connect with teachers. Furthermore, custom-built apps help students to improve relationship with teachers and accelerate the learning process.

The possibilities of growth with messaging apps are endless. With their expanding scope of usage, we believe it will open a whole new dimension of opportunities for businesses of all sizes and marketers in the near future.

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Golf GPS Apps For Android

OK, so you have a fancy touchscreen Smartphone with the Android operating system (perhaps a Verizon Droid or even a brand new Nexus One from Google), and you want to spice it up with a compatible golf GPS. Maybe you’re already familiar with GolfShot, GolfLogix, and some of the other popular golf GPS apps available for the iPhone and BlackBerry Smartphones, and now you’re wondering what the choices are for Android. The number of apps in the Android market may be kind of puny compared to the huge number of apps available for the iPhone. But there are Android golf GPS apps available. The following list of five top-notch products is a start.

GolfCard was selected by both CNN and Time magazine as the best iPhone golf app for father’s day (2009). Now it’s available for Android phones; both Sprint and Verizon have recently featured GolfCard in their new phone ads. It looks promising, and should probably be more popular than it already is. This inexpensive rangefinder has a database of 28,000 courses, a scorecard for multiple players, statistical analysis, and no subscription fees.

GreenFinder, which is a popular GPS app that also works on Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile phones, can be downloaded and used five times for free. It gives you distances to the front, center, and back of the green, as well as distances to fairway hazards and the distance of your last shot. It costs less than a round of golf and there are no additional fees: you can download all the courses you need and you can even mark your own courses.

FreeCaddie also works on Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Java enabled phones. The free version displays only the distances to the front, center, and back of greens. If you want the really good stuff like distances to bunkers and hazards, a shot distance function, the ability to map your own points, or statistics and scorekeeping, then you need to upgrade to FreeCaddie Pro.

Pocket Caddy from Satsports has 3D flyovers of the entire course and individual holes, distances to the front, center, and back of the green and other points of interest. It also has shot recording, statistical analysis and and a scorecard. With Pocket Caddy you can get a map of your home course included with purchase, or you can easily map courses yourself using Google Earth.

SkyDroid (which is practically free) has distances to the front, center and back of every green on the course, as well as distances to water hazards, bunkers, and other course features. It also has a satellite map view of every hole. You can track the distance of your last shot, download all the courses you want for no extra cost, and you can even use SkyDroid’s Course Mapper to easily map your own courses.

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Warehousing Management Software: How Software Can Streamline The Processes From Order To Delivery

There are so many processes involved when it comes to the ordering of a product from your business all the way up to the delivery.

You might be able to handle all of this just fine if you are a small business owner, but what if you have to deal with sending out hundreds if not thousands of products on a regular basis?

Think about how complex this can get without the use of warehousing management software to help you be able to quickly identify where to locate certain items in your warehouse.

You want the ability to streamline all of these processes having to do with orders and delivery. When you are able to do this you cut out things that add to the time it takes for a customer to get the products they are ordering from you.

You are able to quickly identify what is what, where it is located, and get all you need at once. The software allows you to input all the information you need into it in order to make all this possible.

Your ability to use this logistics software to help you streamline processes from order to delivery is going to enable you to determine the availability of products in your warehouse very precisely. There is going to be no accuracy problems in this respect.

This means you will be able to offer superior customer service, because you will be able to provide delivery dates to them that are realistic and that you will be able to keep with no problems.

Companies that are not able to use warehousing management software to help them speed up the time it takes to get products out of their warehouse and into the hands of costumers are going to struggle, particularly if they are a growing business.

These companies would be spending just too much time doing things that can be either avoided or speed up to the point of cutting down costs. A small business would definitely benefit from this, and warehousing management software is available at an affordable price so they can set up the system they need to make their processes run more efficiently.

What else can warehousing management software do for you because when you are trying to operate a warehouse that holds certain items you need to make sure you are able to quickly identify what you need and release it if it has been ordered.

When you can do this your shipping speeds are better not to mention certain businesses might have products on their shelves that are actually in their warehouse that have been back-ordered. The problem is your company might not know this information because it has not been released yet.

Use of this logistics software can help make sure this does not happen by automatically letting you know of back-ordered inventory. This is going to allow you to reduce problems with returns. You will be able to give your customers better shipping times as well as keep holding costs in your warehouse down.

You do not have to let all of the processes involved with ordering and getting products to customers overwhelm you. Warehousing management software helps to make all of these things easy and it can be a life saver for those smaller businesses that are fighting to establish themselves against the big boys.

The big boys likely already make use of such software, but for those who don’t they are doing their customers a disservice by not using it. Look into getting it today and watch how order and fulfillment for products that you carry improves overtime.

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Take Advantage of Point Cloud Modelling for Heritage Restoration Projects

Needless to say, conservation of national heritage structures demands special attention from the respective governing bodies. After all, these heritage buildings, structures and sites are far more than just physical entities located in a particular region. Having left a rich legacy behind for the generations to come, the heritage sites contribute to the wider area & economy, and predominantly shape the culture and way of life in the regions surrounding them. No wonder why nearly all countries have specialized culture/heritage groups and foundations, operating at government, provincial or municipal levels, dedicated to the preservation, rehabilitation, and restoration of these highly treasured structures and landscapes.

One of the most crucial aspects of such redevelopment, refurbishment and restoration projects is to keep intact the structure’s symbolic and cultural elements. Unlike other projects, heritage-related projects have a special set of requirements and specifications, not to mention the complex bidding processes. As a result, the architects, the facilities managers, and the contractors involved in such projects have a daunting task ahead of them if they fail to use the right technology. This is exactly where scan-to-BIM modelling, also known as point cloud modelling, comes into the frame.

Quite simply put, Scan-to-BIM modelling uses advanced laser surveying tools to record 3D spatial data of the structures. Some specialist software tools, such as Cloudworx and Scan to BIM, help convert this ‘cloud’ consisting of millions of data points into a precise geometry of the building. Subsequently, building information modelling (BIM) application like Autodesk Revit is used to identify material data, add more details, and create accurate models for redevelopment, refurbishment and renovation projects.

As a result, the point cloud modelling technology makes life much easier for architects and facilities managers, especially those involved in refurbishment of historical and heritage sites. Picture an architect sifting through piles of drawings or delegating colleagues to manually survey the structure in the field for weeks. Also imagine the plight of government restoration agencies that are responsible for the upkeep of multiple heritage structures, some of which are extremely complicated in their nature.

Generally, architectural practices can use the Scan-to-BIM service to validate key conditions and services of the built environment. Alternatively, the entire project team can see point cloud modelling as an integral component throughout the project life cycle.

Specifically for conservation projects involving highly complex national heritage structures, architects can use this technology to survey existing conditions and analyse the intricate detail prior to the restoration. During the project life cycle, the BIM model(s) and scan data can be an invaluable resource as well as provide great predictability to all stakeholders in terms of time scheduling and costing. Furthermore, once the project is complete the BIM models can be used to provide extremely accurate as-built 3D information to help manage maintenance of these nationally significant structures.

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