Safeguarding Outdoor Electronic Marketing From Sunlight

When LCD and plasma TVs are employed outdoor in the open, employed for outside digital marketing, passenger information or just for entertainment, typically in an outdoor LCD enclosure, some monitors are left susceptible.

Sunlight creates many issues, each being connected to the varying radiation emitted from it. The 3 sorts of radiation that is there in sunlight is visible light, ultra violet and infra-red and all produce problems with out of home televisions.

The most common we spot is visible light, the intense, bright light over powers the backlight of the Television, making the monitor appear washed out, with low contract and low quality makes the TV hard to see even in high light situation.

High brightness screens are being rolled out to make certain that outdoor televisions are still readable – extraneous of the lighting condition. To do this they either use high power backlights that are in excess of three times the standard Industrial grade LCD monitor, alternatively transflective technology that utilizes the sun lights own light to strengthen the picture. Both work well but the first solution uses more power and is less green.

With the sun, heat is created and causes problems with in the open Televisions. Infra red radiation is the heat we get from the sun, this heat creates heat built up adding to the heat made by the monitor.

So how do you counter the problem of unnecessary heat build up created by the sun? An out-of-doors LCD housing with the best thermal management system, it is essential that the cooling system is controlled automatically by thermostats.

Ultra violet radiation is the last issue for outdoor displays. Ultra violet radiation will discolour a screen when the sun is in the direct path of the screen causing the screen to go either yellow or grey, the perfect solution is to have a special tint on the front of the window and to make sure the screen is not too near the front window as this will trap hot air and will cause pixels to fail.

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