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The engineering associates can make a world of difference to any business you run. When you run a successful business attending to every aspect of your business personally is nearly impossible. So where does that leave you? Of course you will need help but if you think manual help can do the job for you think again. Things which requires days if done manually may easily be done within minutes using software. And if you choose the old way out you will not know what hit you before you loose out on your business. And simply because you did not think ahead your competitors might have got abreast of you using simple technological solutions. Want to learn where you can find those technological solutions; this article will get you some insight on how software can make the running your business easy.

After the advent of computer lots of business transactions have become much easier and much more systematic. And I am sure you already know that it is the software installed in the computer that is making this revolutionary change in the running of a business. Since all businesses are not run in a similar manner there should be different software to manage each business. The software developing engineering associates tweak and test every business industry to develop software in the most advanced manner. They make it possible to use simple software to run complex businesses. Such development not only helps you run your business smoothly but very successfully as well. The key is in finding the right software to build into your business system.

Gone are the days when you had to look around to find engineering associates with whom you spend days developing software to suit your business needs. Now you find tailor made software systems for almost every business you want to try a hand at. These systems are also customizable to whatever special features you may need for your business. New and new developments are taking place in software industry and the software is being updated every other day to make it more comfortable and simple to use.

Okay, so business is all about competition so if every body uses software where is the catch. Well as you know business has other sides too so even if you have the software installed you will still need planning and strategy to make it more successful. But if you use the best quality software in your line of business then half your job will be efficiently done for you. So look for quality software system to manage your business because all software system in one particular line of business might not be as efficient as the other. Here it will be a good idea to do some research to find the best you can buy.

Since you know your business more than anybody else, look for those features in software that you find more difficult to tackle in your business. Also watch what features your successful competitors are using in their system to have an edge over the rest…

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Fake Social Media Followers and Accounts – How to Spot Them

Fake social media followers are really common these days,

For some reason, there seems to be a trend where numbers matter more to businesses than actual sales. When you’re looking at it like that, it doesn’t make sense does it?

That is the problem that I’m facing as a social media manager for businesses. This especially applies in the music industry where I tend to interact with artists, bands and record labels that have huge numbers of twitter followers – sometimes over 500,000 where 80-90% are fake.

Having fake social media followers doesn’t make sense from a business perspective, because you look at higher numbers of people that don’t actually go on the social network at all. So it’s just an e-mail address that no-one uses that is registered to an account that no-one uses that is following your account.

I personally believe that an actual social network of 100,000 is worth a lot of money, as it can be used to promote and grow revenue to make up 70-80% of business income.

You can have a look at my twitter profile to understand what I mean, this has 110,000+ followers when this article was written.

This is a network I built over the last year and something, from scratch using some proper social media management techniques that I base most of my work on.

If you have a look at the account you will say – this is probably fake – but there is a really simple way to check this particular account that does not involve anything extra.

Unless there is a known brand or personality or it’s an account publicised on a massive-traffic website, they will not have a large number of followers and not be following a lot of people.

For example, my account has 110,000 followers but I’m following 90,000+ people back. This is because I follow back people that follow me, thus increasing the bond and relationship between us as people, and encourage them to promote my account, even sometimes using the #followback hashtag.

If you are following people back – Twitter’s limitations do not allow you to follow more than 1000 people per day – so this means that during the lifetime of the account I had to have 1000 real people follow me and follow them back on a daily basis for at least 90 days. Because you never get 1000 per day unless heavy advertising is involved – most likely this number is around 200 per day – so it took around 450 days for me to grow to this number – this is actually a bit less than my account age – this is displayed on my Twitter main page, that I joined in July 2010. This proves that I cannot have fake followers as twitter would disable my account if I was following 90,000 accounts that are inactive – therefore fake.

What about the other 20,000 going to 110,000?

If you calculate – number of people that are actually interacting with you from 90,000 follow-backs you will get at least 50% of people advertising you or mentioning you to say thanks and 20% of their network people following you from that – hence the 20,000 extra followers I have on top of my 90,000.

There are more tips and tricks on checking and verifying social media accounts in this article: Fake Social Media Followers.

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Major Aspects to Remember Before Starting Mobile Application Development

The demand for smart-phones has greatly increased in the past few years and the mobile industry has justified this demand by providing new and better smart-phones on a regular basis. Organizations have realized that the market for their products and services is now shifting towards mobile phones as more and more potential customers are aligning towards it. Mobile application development has also seen an impressive growth as individuals and organizations want to be available to their clients through mobile phones also. Usually, organizations take help of a mobile application development company to procure highly flexible and business centric mobile apps. The major aspects to be considered before jumping into mobile apps development are:

Feasibility of the project: The most important thing to consider before starting the development of any application is its feasibility. You must make sure that the project is worth risking money. If an app similar to yours already exists then think what extra you can offer to lure in the customers. Also make sure that the app is practically feasible and can actually be conceived. An app with great features but not having a large user base is not worth spending too much money.

The User: To make any app a success, it is most important to recognize its user and their requirements. If the user is not impressed by the application then it is likely that the whole process of mobile apps development goes in vain. Also, it must be considered whether the app will cater to local users or will it have a worldwide presence.

The Technology: Different phones use different mobile technologies. Some of the most popular platforms used in smart-phones are Android, i OS and Blackberry platform. If an application is developed for a specific platform then most probably it will not work for other platforms. It is essential to decide the development platform as the users of that platform smart-phone will only be able to access your app.

Project Duration: It is highly essential to decide a final project completion date. This time duration should be justifiable according to the complexity of the project. Apps created in a hurry are usually ineffective and end up being a waste of time, money and energy. Whereas, if unnecessary time is consumed on the project then the total development cost of the project will rise. Moreover, your competitors can find out what you are up to and may launch a similar application before you could. This will definitely hurt your business revenue.

Application Price: The price of your application over the online application store is going to be very essential for you. While some users may not care much about the price but most of the users will definitely keep the price of the app in their priority list. This may initially require the client to offer discounts or schemes on their apps so that they can at least penetrate the market. Once the app has gained some popularity you can always increase the prices.

Clients and organizations should research and find a capable mobile application development company that can help them in achieving desired solutions.

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Games for Whiling Away the Idle Hours

Everyone likes playing games. In days gone by card games were all the rage and even today packs of playing cards are still a best seller at games shops.

Many years ago TV games became popular with an Atari set being a much envied item and many kids learning hand eye co ordination on games such as “Space Invaders” and “Sonic” the little squirrels that used to run and jump trying to collect rings while avoiding all sorts of obstacles.

Then some serious consoles came into being with Nintendo vs WII for the TV gaming market. The WII consoles broke the mould when they introduced wireless tennis rackets and bowling balls and the like so That the Play stations are now is serious competition bringing out consoles and controls that will match or supersede the current state of play.

On the other hand the on line computer gaming industry is a serious business. Gaming computers need a lot of processing power and huge graphics cards to be able to display realistic images.. They also need very fast internet connections with high usage caps. Playing these high end, multi user realistic games are some serious people with high IQs.

And the old arcade games still exist. One can play pinball or do snowboarding, racing cars or flight simulators and simulated space craft are available at most trade-fairs and weekly markets, provided by trucks that are specially set up for them. In many shopping malls, often close to the movies one still finds arcades offering all sorts of games for playing.

Loaded on Windows and on mobile phones are games galore. From the initial worm where one had to manipulate the thing around the screen ever growing longer and not allowed to touch its tail or the wall. To the far more sophisticated Mah Jong and spider Solitaire all of which can only be displayed on machines with bigger computing capacity and available memory (RAM) than the 1st mobile phones and PCs of 15 years ago.

Unless one is an online, multi player, serious gamer then one is confined to playing games like Solitaire and that rapidly becomes boring. So without needing too much computing power or bandwidth we can find many websites that offer new and exciting games to play. armor games is one such website which promises that it renews its games and adds new ones every week.

There are fantasy and fighting games all available for anyone to play for free.

Some are new developments and all none require a particularly large amount of RAM or bandwidth to play. The current top games are things like Bowman (shooting arrows at an unseen enemy and things like Castle Defense.

There are a few flying games like Dogfight and Helicops, some arcade games like Puzzle pinball and then there will always be a number of shooting games. A pleasant half hour can be had just playing the simple game of Bubble Shooter or Indestructo Tank while taking a break from your actual task

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